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Kimberly Moore, CEO and Co-Founder, Go Together

Kimberly Moore, CEO and Co-Founder of Go Together, Inc, is an entrepreneur completely passionate about children attending the best school for them to succeed in life by removing transportation as the obstacle.   Go Together is creating new innovative transportation options for parents to get their children where they need to go to be their best and have fun.  At Go Together, we believe in the power of community built between parents and the friendships children make. As CEO, Kimberly brings 25 years of successful strategic sales, channel distribution and logistics experience including 14 years in the wireless industry. A great team builder, Kimberly also believes being a great leader is being a great learner. “Some people may say I'm working. I say I'm coming alive with every conversation with parents and school, interested investors, building our team and every problem we encounter.” CarpooltoSchool, Go Together's first product in the market is in 42 schools across the country.  Go Together recently was selected by the Washington Business Journal for 2017 Innovation Award for CarpooltoSchool. CarpooltoSchool was also featured in D.C.'s 2017 SXSW Showcase. Her presentation is titled, "Get Unboxed."

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